Saturday, December 25, 2010


We are having a White Christmas here today! But it's snuggly and warm inside. Hope you are all having a magical, beautiful, wonderful Holiday!

Love- from The Truan Family

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back To Harrah's

Hello all! Trying to play catch up again, I am so far behind on blogging it's ridiculous. James had to work tonight so I decided to post really quickly.

We went back to Harrah's at the first of the month, and the hotel was decorated beautifully for Christmas. We also caught a great concert there, Blake Shelton, who just won the Country Music Academy's 2010 male vocalist of the year. Harrah's has a wonderful theater there, it's brand new. And it was a great concert by a very handsome and talented young man (I say young because he's a whole decade younger than me). And he sang my mom's favorite song, "Some Beach".

We also got a good bit of snow during our visit- photo taken from our hotel room window. In the photo is the new tower of the hotel- it's not finished yet, but this will be the third tower now. Harrah's is expanding by leaps and bounds right now, I barely recognize it. I remember when there was NO Harrah's at all in Cherokee! This will be our last trip for at least a few months. We are like everyone else, super busy with the holiday rush, and of course at work we are both still drowning. Nice to have a lifeline to grab onto on the weekends!