Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Am Still Here!

For the few of you who still read my blog- I am still around. I have been avoiding the computer at home, with good reason. I've had incredible pain in my right shoulder since the first of the year, and on March 1st I finally had surgery (below). The orthopaedic team at Emory removed a bone tumor. I am still in some pain, so I try not to use the computer at home. It has been a long 2011 for me so far, and hopefully this surgery will be the cure! It is a possibility- dim- that I may need a second surgery if the pain continues. I have a large calcium deposit on a tendon in the same general area, and that may be the cause of my pain- but removing the tumor took precedence over the calcium deposit. Still waiting on the biopsy, but the doctor said it did not look like anything to worry about.

I have SO much to catch up on with the blog, so many photos to post and trips to blog about. So very soon I will be back on here regularly. James got me one of those mini laptops for Christmas, so I can relax anywhere in the house and post, and not be tied down to the home office.

Please hang on, and I'll be back on here really really soon! Thanks.