Sunday, April 21, 2013

And Hello Again Here!

Wow here I am again.  I posted on my weight loss blog yesterday for the first time in a year.  And I want to get back to regularly posting here as well.  I started this blog in 2009 when we first moved here and I wasn't working.  Once I went to work full time, I didn't have time for the blog, and I really did miss it.  I know only a handful of folks read it- mostly my dad and friend Dawn- but I still got a great deal of enjoyment out of it.  This Friday is my last day at my job- by my choice- so I will be back home full time again.  Like my other blog, I plan to get this cleaned up and converted over to a new template, and update all the info.

I am still working on pottery, but sporadically as time has allowed. Now it's going to be my "new" job, and I should have my old Etsy store up and running soon.  I know I'm not a great artist, but I have fun with it, and now that I have more time I hope to develop new skills and try to experiment with different media.

I had given up the blog in favor of Facebook, because it was so quick and I could post on the run from my phone.  But at some point, FB becomes boring.  The blog is way more creative.  I do plan to start a new FB page once I have items for sale in my Etsy shop, to share with the rest of my friends and family who don't blog.

Life is going well here, as far as excitement around the house we have been doing a tremendous amount of yard work.  Planting new trees in the front yard and hill, and growing lots of other small trees that will eventually go in the back yard- we are going to attempt to block the view of our neighbor's yard as they are letting junk pile up back there and we are tired of looking at it.  I found a deal on some fast growing willow trees- 20 of them for $25- but as you can see from the last photo of pots, they are too small to plant in the ground right now.  We're aiming for Fall.  Today we'll be building a flower bed at our mailbox, and I have a gazillion new bulbs to plant.

So I hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring so far.  It's still chilly here, I have a fire going in the living room right now!  The weather here in mid-Georgia can't seem to make up its mind right now.  Can't wait to check out everyone else's blogs and get caught up.

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  1. Wow, looks like a lot of planting to do. But it will look great when it starts growing out and up!