Saturday, February 21, 2009

One More Try

Well I bit the bullet on Friday and decided to give Weight Watchers one more try. My friends and family know my struggle with my weight, and know I've tried Weight Watchers before. It works- I lost 80 pounds on it- but when I stopped following the program I gained it all back. So typical with many people who try to "diet" instead of changing their lives. I plan to give it 100% this time, since I'm at home all day long and I have a treadmill handy and all sorts of weights and exercise DVD's, not to mention a beautiful new neighborhood to enjoy. I simply have no room for excuses. It's a challenge, and one I've needed to take on for awhile now. Not only for my health but for my flailing self-confidence. I've used my back pain as an excuse for so many things lately, but exercising and losing weight is the answer, not the enemy! Yes, it hurts for me to be on the treadmill, but it hurts even more on days when I sit around and never move. It will be spring soon, and I know James is already talking about hiking, and this year I would like to join him. I miss hiking, I miss discovering new parks and trails, and I miss reasons to be outdoors and away from it all. I hope that my dedication to the program does not falter this time, I would love to be able to climb the next lighthouse without having to stop every two minutes!! (James, you know what I mean.)

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