Monday, March 2, 2009

White Sunday

We had amazing snow on Sunday, at least four inches, and it snowed all day!! As a Florida native, I still get as excited as an 8-year-old to see the snow. Sadly James had to go in and work to cover for the employees who "couldn't" make it in. He always tells me to not wish for snow, it's bad for his business! Customers close, employees call out, and he has trucks on the road to worry about. He came wandering in at 4am today after working all night, only to sleep a few hours and go back in. But, even though we were alone- and without power here and there- the kitties and I enjoyed the snow. Even with all the thunder and lightning, what an odd experience! The cats sat and watched the giant snowflakes flutter down, absolutely mesmerized. And the snow did not stop the birds from visiting our feeders all day long. I let the cats out on the back deck and front porch while I was taking photos, but no one stayed out for very long or wandered very far. The first few snowflakes hitting their face, or toes touching snow, made them scurry back indoors, where they groomed themselves, warm and cozy once again. When we moved to Newnan, we were told it doesn't snow here. In South Carolina, we got at least one good snowstorm for the 12 years I lived there. I expected a warm winter since we moved a little farther south. So, I am not disappointed one bit in the weather yesterday! I only wish my hubby had been able to stay home with us and enjoy it as well.

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  1. This is a beautiful photo! Looks like this kitty was kept entertained by the snowflakes.