Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Red Carpet

James and I both had long weeks at work. His started on Tuesday afternoon around 4:30, when apparently a nearby phone company crew cut our fiber optic cables and shut down our entire system- phones, computers. My dedicated husband, after having already worked a full day, stayed until somewhere around 2:00AM with his night shift folks, working through the crisis, then was back at work again the next morning- well, later the same morning. And with it being the end of the month, I had two somewhat later than usual evenings while I stayed to renew vendor contracts expiring on the 31st. (Sadly I'm the only one who benefits from overtime pay!) So, you would think that we would want to relax and get away from work for the weekend. Not so.

James and I had to get all dolled up to attend an awards banquet for the company sales team. Luckily it was only a 25-minute drive away in a neighboring city. And it only lasted four hours, but it was simply an obligation, not something we were truly looking forward to. It was interesting for me because these are the folks I "work" with- through email and phone. I was able to put a face to a lot of the names. Some of the sales people fit my image of them, many made me say "whoa!" when I saw them. I didn't really go around and introduce myself to them, although we had an hour of mingling at the open bar before the dinner. Since I've only been working there for three months now, I didn't feel like many of them would really be very excited to meet me (there's always next year), James and I just tried to muddle through the evening and I think he would agree we mostly kept to ourselves.

And guess what? Later today we have yet another work "function" to attend to, but this one will be decidedly more fun for us and I'll blog about that as soon as I can. All in all, it was fun to play dress up (except it was 30 degrees and I wore open-toed shoes, what was I thinking??) and I did enjoy wearing my new formal evening attire- including fake nails which I haven't wore since high school! And my husband looked gorgeous and sexy in his suit. As gorgeous as he did the day he wore it when we got married almost four years ago (our anniversary is in a few days). I guess I would suffer through another boring awards ceremony just to see him in it again....


  1. Hey you guys looked great you should do it more often. Maybe next time we go to the Red Neck Grille you could do it it again...ha. I looked through the crowd and did not see anyone that lived in Bradenton so no votes to collect either. Tenn was lucky today, we really needed that win, I am sad. Take care and have a great week. I noticed that Spider took another picture of you guys standing at the front door. He is well trained for a young kitty.