Saturday, January 9, 2010

Staying In

While it was 13 outside this morning when I ran out for an errand, this was the temperature in the basement this afternoon. During the week James made a few trips to Home Depot to buy insulation for the basement (below). We need a lot, obviously.

While the snow and ice outside decided to not melt today (our high was maybe 29), James stayed busy down in the basement most of the day putting up the scratchy pink stuff. The basement walls were built with 2 x 6's, so the insulation we're using is thicker than normal, but we hope that it will keep some of the cold and especially the dampness out until we finish it one day.

James bundled up in warm clothing and plugged in a few space heaters. I was down there briefly, trying to clean up one of the junk boxes, but it was too cold for me, even though I was in sweats and a fleece jacket. We were supposed to go to Knoxville this weekend, to celebrate Mrs. Truan's birthday tomorrow, but they had weather worse than ours. It was colder and very icy, so we've postponed the trip. It's the second time in the last few weeks that the winter weather has forced us to cancel a Tennessee visit with the family.

The cats were busy with various activities today. Some of them stayed down in the basement with dad, and General even helped out with the clean up. At least, this is his version of helping out.

Once Maarten found a nice warm place in the sun room, he decided to stay there for the afternoon and take a big kitty nap. Dad's fuzzy orange UT pillows must have been comfortable.

Once the sun warmed up in the late day, the cats were restless to go out on the back deck. I let them out there, thinking I would teach them a lesson about the arctic cold, and expected them to all run back inside. But they showed mom, and enjoyed the fresh air for awhile, avoiding the little patch of snow still melting.

(All five cats are in this photo- can you spot them?)

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