Monday, March 1, 2010

3 Days, 3 States, and 3 Sites

This past weekend was a long one, especially for driving. We left work on Friday and headed towards our old stomping grounds in the Carolinas. We stayed in SC that evening then got to Charlotte, NC in the late morning on Saturday. We were there for the wedding of James' best friend of twenty years, Ron, and his beautiful new bride Zoila. There was a small ceremony at the home they will be sharing together now, and afterwards we all went out to eat at a very authentic Latin American restaurant in honor of Zoila's heritage. They served more food than I could have eaten in a whole week...... Best Wishes to our dearest friend Ron and the lovely Zoila, we hope you have many happy and wonderful years together! And we can't wait for them to visit us soon.

Instead of heading back home, we left Charlotte later that afternoon and drove once again through SC and back into GA, where our GPS found a nice little hotel for us on Lake Oconee in Eatonton. Off the beaten path, and we never would have stumbled on it without the help of the GPS. Our room overlooked the lake (view from our window below), and the hotel was right next to a wonderful seafood restaurant that we just walked over to. Sadly, we were both still so full from the wedding luncheon, we barely touched our dinners, as yummy as the food was. The lake was gorgeous, and the area had a small resort feel to it, and since it isn't that far from home I have put it on the list of places we should go back to one weekend.

On Sunday we headed to south GA to check the tractors and trailers at three different shuttle sites for work, which you may remember I blogged about a few weeks ago as being part of our monthly routine from now on.

In our last city on the tour, we stopped at the National Civil War Naval Museum because, of course, they have a penny machine. We spent almost two hours there, enjoying both replicas such as the USS Water Witch (the ship outside), and the real deal. We could have spent all day at the museum, there were so many articles and documents there to read. Even a short movie which we enjoyed.

The ship above is so large, this is only half of it, I couldn't fit it all in one photo. This ship, the CSS Jackson, was burned during the War, but almost a century later the remains were brought up from the water. This part of the museum was actually constructed around the ship, because of the ship's size. Also in the museum were hundreds of pieces from all sorts of Civil War vessels- authentic weapons and ammunition, photos, letters from soldiers, even the flags that were flown on the ships during the War. A very interesting place, and another stop that we would never have made without the lure of the pennies to add to our collection!

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  1. Rons new wife looks beautiful, we wish them joy and a great life together.
    Your travels look like a lot of fun, I am glad to see you guys have the time to do these things. Times goes by so quick, before you know it your too old or too tired to do those things. Keep it up you will never regret it and the times you spend with each other.