Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Limbo

I realized I haven't blogged from over the weekend yet, so it's time to catch up with a quick post. I am actually smack in the middle of getting ready for this upcoming weekend, but can't leave friends and family hanging about our last weekend. I think our parents rely on this blog to keep up with our life!!

Friday we leave for a long overdue vacation, and I will have plenty to blog about when we get back. But this last weekend, we had a fairly quiet two days, at least for us. Saturday morning we spent running errands around Newnan- and a cat to the vet- then a late breakfast at our favorite new Saturday morning place, The Dwarf House (Chick-Fil-A's full service restaurants). James then had to go up to Atlanta for a fun evening of NBA basketball with his fellow employees at a company sponsored event.

I did a few chores around the house, which included planting new trees. See them below? Yes, this is what you get for donating $10 to the Arbor Day Foundation- 11 tiny little baby trees. I know they look like sticks, but trust me, they are all already blooming with buds. I donated to the ADF many years ago and got the same gift of trees, and I managed to keep them alive for a long time, but eventually things happened in my life back then that caused me to neglect the poor saplings. I won't fail them this time! They are snug in big pots right outside the back door and under the deck, so hopefully the deer will leave them alone.

Sunday was our day to go check on the company trucks at the shuttle sites, since we won't be in town the next two weekends of March. On this trip, the penny machine hunt led us to the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon. That was, after a comedic half hour of driving up and down a highway, trying to rescue a big turtle as he crossed the road. I wish I had photos, but I was driving- which makes the story even funnier if you know how badly I drive.

MAS, as it's called, is a small museum, and we think probably geared more for children or families, but we enjoyed an hour or so there. They have a small area with animals (the tamarins were just too cute!), a planetarium, several educational areas, and an art gallery. When we were there, the entire gallery was dedicated to local Macon artist William Segal. It was the last day of the exhibit. Very unique work, and pieces spanning from the 1940's to the 1980's. He had an oddly strange but serene style, and I fell in love with several of his landscapes.

And also at the museum- for those of you who own cats and ever wonder if those silly little furballs actually have a brain in their head- well yes, yes they do......


  1. Oops---looks like you have some of that wonderful SPAM... You can report this to Blogger you know.

    Glad to hear from you again... Sounds like your life is GREAT. I loved seeing the snow pictures of your two crazy kids!!!!!

    Hope spring is good to you!!!!

    Happy Easter.

  2. I meant YOU two crazy kids!!!!!! ha ha