Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun In The Sun

This weekend it was gorgeous here south of ATL. James and I spent all day Saturday catching up on yard work that last weekend's shared stomach virus kept us from. It was almost a perfect day, except that I ran out of steam before all my work was done. Everything is blooming beautifully here in our yard.

It was a fine day to be out on the back deck. And to make sun tea.

I finally got around to planting rosemary. On a recent visit to Knoxville, my sister-in-law shared snips from her massive plants in her yard. I dried everything and enjoyed using it so much, I decided to get my own plant started. Just a wee little thing right now as you can see.

I bought a few plants to go in big containers at the front door. And got all my veggies potted up on the back patio. We enjoyed having the fresh tomatoes and peppers so much last summer, I decided to get an earlier start on them this year.

While I had mostly fun chores, James did all the hard sweaty work, getting new pine straw down in all the flower beds in the front and side yards.

Romeo hangs off the back deck watching while his daddy mows the lawn for the first time this year.

Time also to change out the flag, to show everyone this is a household where we love our kitties.

The birds were happy to have us fill up our many feeders. All of the feeders are in the backyard. For some reason I have had zero luck with visitors at any front yard feeders. The squirrels also enjoy the leftover corn from the deer feeder- while the deer are only out in the evenings and mornings, the squirrels and birds get to enjoy the buffet all day long.

Some of the kitties were content to spend the whole day outside on the deck, crawling under chairs or tables to find the shade when they needed to. Other kitties were just as happy to enjoy the lovely day lounging around the sunroom.

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  1. Love the new header pic. Nice spring weather going on in your area. Thanks for sharing all the green, fresh plants, gardens, happy black cats! Wishing you many more weeks of lovely spring weather!!