Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Spring started off with a bang this year, and that is not necessarily a good thing so far. Yes, all of the flowering trees and shrubs are blooming gloriously (above) and the tulips and daffodils are exploding everywhere. But all of that is causing super high pollen counts right now, and even if you don't have allergies like I do, I can take delight in knowing that everyone else's car is also covered in a fine mist of yellow like mine (below). Coming up the walkway to the front door today, I can see the weeds are already sprouting and the hedges already need to be trimmed! We are in week number two of temperatures up into the mid and sometimes high 80's. This, after a winter where I saw more snow in one season than I have in a lifetime.

Not that I am sad to see Old Man Winter go this year, he had more than worn out his welcome. I look forward to working in the yard, planting the veggies again this year, and watching my new bulbs bloom. In fact, I had "buy tomato plants" on my to-do list for last weekend. But alas, James and I were both violently sick with a stomach virus over the weekend- James from Friday through Sunday, me from Sunday through Tuesday. We are both getting back to good slowly. And while I was sick, sprawled out in the bed for two days while it was 85+ degrees outside, we discovered that the AC isn't working! At least the one for the master bedroom, and yours truly, the Queen, can't sleep in temps over 70 degrees. I have been miserable, and opening the windows at night and putting the fan on high has only mildly helped. I am sure it just needs a tune up and freon, since it's a new unit. At least the other unit, the one that controls the rest of the house, is working fine. I may be relegated to the guest room tonight.

But with spring, comes the rain, and we are expecting some later this week. To cool it off back down into the 70's, and hopefully wash away some of this pollen. The change of seasons has taken me by surprise this year for some reason. It seems like it was winter one day, and on the brink of summer the next (at least it feels like summer when it's 88 out).

Happy Spring!


  1. We are suffering the same fate here. LOTS of pollen, and I am allergic! Once the citrus is done blooming, I'll be able to breathe again! The rest doesn't bother me too much. But I'm with you - can't sleep in a warm?hot room!!! Though I can't open the windows or I won't be able to breathe!

  2. Lots of pollen here too. spring has sprung which means "mow grass each week"....