Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Limbo

I hope that very soon, I'll be back on here. No, we still don't have a new computer yet, so no internet access at home. It's high on our list of priorities, we just haven't been home the last few weekends. James is changing out his whole office- we recently bought him a new desk and his old desk will go upstairs to my "art studio" that I never have time to use. A new computer and printer are in the works shortly- I am hoping for sometime this month!

In the meantime, we've stayed busy around the house and around town. We've spent a lot of time working in the yard (some of my flowers above) and still have a few projects we want to tend to this year. We've had two great vacations already this year, with more travel planned for the fall. And we always have our little weekend jaunts here and there. Around town we stay busy too. We've been to a few great auctions and picked up some nice artwork and antique pieces.

I've got tons of photos to get posted on here, so once we get back up and running I hope to get caught up. Work still dominates our lives, my days are still 10 hours and James even more. But I miss blogging- both my own and reading everyone else- and I miss sharing the photos and stories with my friends and family who normally wouldn't get to see all the pictures.

Can't wait to be back in the blog world for good!

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  1. How are your plants surviving summer? I even put fake plants on my porch - I've given up on having a green thumb.