Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time To Buy My Kiln

I am very excited to say that I have been in touch this week with one of the local gift shops in our downtown area, and she wants to carry my pottery. She was especially interested in my tiles. I sent her photos of all my work, including my bowls and sculptures. She wanted to know how soon I could bring pieces in. Unfortunately, what I sent photos of, are the items I made back when we lived in South Carolina and I had a studio to go to, where I left my pieces to get fired. Everything from back then, I sold long ago. I had to let her know that right now, I don't have anything to sell, but planned to start up again soon.

Last night I spent the evening getting my work area set up, and organizing my tools. I had bought clay a few weeks ago but so far have not busted it out of the bag yet. Although James and I looked at kilns months ago, I have not purchased one yet. For now, since I consider myself a novice potter and I do not make large pieces, I've decided that a small table-top kiln would work best for me. It runs off regular household 120 volts. Even this little kiln will be about a grand. Any other kiln would be too expensive, plus the added cost of having to get an electrician out here to rewire my space for 240 volts. I hope to get the kiln ordered this week- then I'll have to get the nice ladies at Atlanta Clay to show me how to use it!!

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  1. Your tiles are absolutely gorgeous!! I would definitely purchase these for myself and as gifts for friends. Can't wait to see some of your new pieces!!