Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time For A Major Purchase!

It's time to get back on the pottery horse finally. Although I looked at kilns a few months ago, I've yet to make the purchase.  I've got one picked out, a small kiln called a "test" kiln, or sometimes a doll kiln.  Now I'm just waiting for a free Saturday to go order/buy/get trained on how to use it.  Even a small kiln is going to run me (us) about a grand, but James- my ever supportive rock- said he is okay with that.  As long as I will use it, and not let it wither away under a coat of dust like I have other items I just HAD to have.

I don't expect to make money, in the sense of a profit, on my pottery.  When I had my Etsy store before, it was mostly for fun, and a hobby.  But I would love to work towards one day making a go of it.  I call it my "exit strategy", as in, what else can I do besides work away my life at a office.

James wanted to know that I'll be serious about my pottery, if we buy this kiln.  So I went ahead and made a few tiles, and also worked on a new idea.  I'm going to give a go at making really small pieces for jewelry (above).  I've got a dozen pages in a notebook filled with ideas and sketches.  I made a few pieces that are now dry and ready for their first layers of glaze.  That way, when I do get the kiln, I'll have items ready to load on in there.

Unfortunately, it's still going to be a bit- I know for certain we can't make it up to the kiln store for at least another month.  With their hours, Saturday mornings are the only time we can get there, and our Saturday AM's are booked up already for awhile.  But I think I'll keep making some small pieces, and have them ready to go!! I am excited, I feel like it's a new chapter in my life- as an "artist" anyhow.  Now I just need to learn to throw on the wheel- next step...

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