Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Camping in Bama

Well, camping for us was a small but tidy cabin with A/C and TV, but it was still a fun time and at a campground. My in-laws were in their RV with the two pups, and James' aunt and uncle were in another cabin.  We had a great time of relaxing during the day, and coming together in the evenings for dinner al fresco- on the picnic table that is- with a great view of Lake Guntersville.  It was a large campground, with a lot of permanent campers who decorated their little spots just like home.

On the way back to Georgia we were able to take quick side trips to a few state parks, and I took a number of pics of this huge lake from different areas, as well as DeSoto Falls. Beautiful homes up in that area, perched high up on the cliffs and looking down over the valley. Several were for sale, and I'm sure they had beautiful prices to go along with that miles-long view.

I haven't spent much time in northern Alabama before, but it was very very pretty, probably more so than I anticipated.  I know his parents go camping there every year, and James went last year.  I was unable to go because I didn't have enough vacation time to take off from work, but that wasn't an issue this year.  So I was pleased to be able to go have this extra visit with the family, and time with my husband.  And I look forward to going there again.

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