Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I've been looking for new ideas for my pottery.  Since I still don't have a wheel (or have any idea of how to use one!), everything I am doing right now- from bowls to tiles- is still by hand.  I've seen some beautiful jewelry on Etsy made with pottery pieces, and I've decided to give it a try.  I have a huge collection of rubber stamps so I've been making a few pieces to use for necklaces or bracelets. I have no experience in jewelry making, so I haven't decided yet if I will try to finish these pieces off into actual jewelry, or just sell the pieces as is for anyone else out there who makes jewelry.  

Everything is still in the drying stage (below), so once I have everything fired and glazed, I'll see how it all turns out.  I see that Michael stores offer jewelry making classes, I may go see about signing up for one.  The last one they had was way way too expensive for me, plus I don't have any jewelry making tools currently.

I've also decided to try making my own beads as well.  I made these not long ago but got stumped on how to glaze them all over. So I've ordered a small bead tree that will fit in my kiln.  It's basically just a rack with wires that will withstand the high temperatures of the kiln.  That way I can have glaze all over the bead and suspend it on the wire, and not worry about the glaze dripping or sticking to the kiln shelves.  If that works out, I might make more beads to sell, or to use for myself if I decide to make jewelry.

Right now I am struggling with the pottery, since I developed problems with my right wrist that will require surgery- soon.  I have a brace I have to wear, which makes it totally impossible to work with the clay.  If I take the brace off, it's very painful to use my right hand to do anything that requires me grasping or holding objects.  Sigh.  

Well, the Etsy store is still empty, but I continue to plow forward with hopes of finding my niche.  Now that I am home full time, I feel this is my one shot at making a "real" attempt at any kind of success online.  But, gotta have something to sell!  Carry on!

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