Sunday, November 8, 2009

Comforts of Home

A few of the gorgeous fall colors here in our neck of the woods- believe it or not this stunning tree was at our county garbage dump yesterday when we dropped off our recycling. You never know when or where you will find the beauty of Mother Nature! Our days are still mild, but our nights are down in the 30's lately. We keep the heat on, for the sake of the cats, but as you can see (below), they are good at keeping each other warm too. Romeo and General snuggled in yesterday afternoon on our bed for a super long, kitty-style nap.

Since I left Florida back in 1995 and moved "farther north" where it actually gets cold, I discovered the joy of all things flannel. Flannel PJ's, flannel jackets, flannel throws. And flannel sheets. Yesterday I made a mad dash into Target to pick up the set below, on sale for $15, even for the king size. This will be my fifth flannel sheet set over the years, and today I'm stripping our bed of the cool cotton sheets of summer and switching over to the fuzzy warm flannel sheets for winter. I can hear them tumbling in the dryer right now. It's not quite cold enough yet to throw on the extra "winter" blanket, but I'm sure it's just right around the corner.

James and I were expecting company over the weekend, so we spent Saturday morning in a cleaning frenzy. And I know, if I kept up with the housework it wouldn't be such a massive chore to clean up the house for visitors! We bought enough football-watching snacks to feed twenty people, and mapped out plans to spend Saturday evening in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta (we planned to take our friend to our go to hot spot, The Vortex). But after some airline delays, our company wasn't able to come in as planned on Saturday afternoon. Instead James is currently on his way to the airport to pick up his family friend from Florida. They are headed to the Falcons game this afternoon, and then the friend has a flight back to Florida right after the game. So, our house will be devoid of the extra company, but at least we got it cleaned from top to bottom!! And now I have the afternoon to myself to get caught up on blogging as well as a little shopping later on today.

Since James and I were already dressed up and ready to walk out the front door yesterday when our friend called about the delay, we decided to head on out anyhow. We ran a few errands in town (Newnan that is, not Atlanta) and had dinner at our local Taco Mac. No, not a Mexican restaurant despite the name- it's actually a wing joint which would explain the winged buffalo in their logo. James had a basket of Habanero BBQ wings, and I had a Buffalo & Blue Cheese burger. We sat out in the back sun room (below), and watched the first half of the Alabama-LSU game, along with many many other Alabama fans (we are only one county away from the Alabama state line). Alabama won, which means my Gators will soon be playing the Tide in a few weeks for the SEC Championship- which is held here in Atlanta every year. I doubt we will be able to get tickets, but my parents come up for the game when UF is playing, so we will probably get to visit with them very soon!


  1. Awww, I love it when kitties snuggle together - mine rarely do, and always look guilty when I catch them at it, lol!

    Flannel sheets - I have always been too warm-blooded for them, but after freezing to death last winter I think I will have to give them a try this year!

  2. Hopefully I will get you guys tickets, keep your fingers crossed.

  3. I love flannel, too! Especially PJs! And I would have been right there napping with those two cuddly cats!