Friday, November 13, 2009

A Day At The Salt Mines

So most everyone knows my story. I met James in 2003 at work. Although we'd both been with the company for awhile, he had always worked nights. That fall, he was transferred to the day shift, we met and started dating soon thereafter. The rest is history. Or, at least fodder for my blog. We worked together happily for several years until, as you all know, he was promoted and moved to the Atlanta division of our company. Although I stayed behind for a few months to work and get the house packed up, I moved here to Georgia in January, where I've sat around moping all year long.

Now that I'm back at work, at my former company at the Atlanta division, I am once again working with the hubby. He's in his old department (operations), I'm back in mine (accounting). A different city, and different co-workers (although a few in Atlanta used to be with us back in South Carolina), but it is just like old times again. Before, I worked from 4am until noon, and James worked "regular" hours of 8am until whenever he could get away ten hours later. But now that I'm on a normal person's schedule of 8-5, life has changed drastically for me.

But working with my husband does have its high points. Here we are this morning (below), coming into work. We leave the house at the same time, I am right behind him on the half hour drive, and we park right beside each other. We would carpool, but of course I would have to sit around and wait for him to get off work, which is usually an hour or two after I do. That doesn't really work out for us. But, I have to admit, it is sort of fun to come into work "together". Well, at least into the parking lot at the same time.

Although James doesn't work in the same office as I do, I get to see him once or twice a day if he happens to be strolling by. And as I did at my old office, I have loads of photos of him and the kitties on my wall to keep me company. Also to remind me of "why" I work. This is just one little corner of my happy cubicle. Several people have told James that his wife has a "shrine" dedicated to him at her desk! Little do they know, this is only a fraction of what I used to have at my desk back at the old division. I don't want to scare off my new co-workers in the first month. They need to warm up to me before they get the real me, ha ha!

And when I don't get to actually see James in the office, I can always type him a quick IM and let him know I'm thinking of him...surprisingly, he answers me!!! :)


  1. I hope the picture of James is in the parking lot. If not that is too much traffic for me going to work. When I was young it would not bother me, but now...whewwww. Take care and a great weekend.

  2. That's so cute. Congrats on your return to the corporate world, Sandy!!