Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Just a quick Happy 4th of July to everyone! We are enjoying our three day weekend at home. James has been busy both yesterday and today, painting the garage with his famous black and white racing flag design. I have had a completely lazy weekend of shopping, working on my tan, and coloring my hair almost black- my natural color that I haven't seen in decades! Not sure it's very flattering, but eh, I wanted to do something different.

Tomorrow James' niece Jessica and her husband-to-be Justin will be here for the day to visit. Justin is interning this summer with a company in Atlanta, and Jessica is down for the week to spend time with him. We will probably drive them around Newnan, take them by the place of business, and settle in for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant. We should have fun and anticipate seeing them and spending the day with them.

No fireworks in the plans for us tonight, except what we can see off our back deck that our neighbors are shooting off. In Atlanta they have the biggest fireworks show in the Southeast, but also the biggest crowds as well. Not for us.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday and has a great time tonight!


  1. Your hair looks good dark - back to that Ann Wilson look. Have a nice day off tomorrow!

  2. Yes, everyone used to tell me I looked like either her, or Grace Slick!