Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jessica and Justin

We had a lot of fun on Monday, our day off from work for the holiday. James' niece Jessica, and her fiance Justin came to visit us for the day. Although they both live in Knoxville, with a menagerie almost as large as ours, Justin is currently in Atlanta. He's interning with a large accounting firm in downtown, and staying at the dorms at Emory University. Jessica is on break from her massage therapy school right now, and was down to visit with him.

They made the hour trek south to Newnan to see us, and we had a great day with them
. We gave them a "quick" tour of downtown Newnan. Quick because downtown is a one-block square wrapped around the old courthouse. We had lunch at our favorite destination where we take all of our guests- The Redneck Gourmet.

Then we all went bowling, where we managed to squeeze in four games in two hours. Jessica and Justin both bowled their personal high scores, while James put us all to shame, and then showed off his famous between-the-legs shots. James and I used to bowl a lot when we were dating, and in fact James bowled in a league when we were first married. Now we bowl here and there, but not regularly. But we had so much fun with Jessica and Justin on Monday, James and I went bowling again last night! And this morning I bought my own pair of bowling shoes online! After all, my hubby the semi-pro has his own shoes and ball, I'm going to have to start keeping up with him if we go more often.

We hope that Jessica and Justin will come visit us again. They are getting married next summer, and they have been together for a few years now. We enjoyed being with them and they were great to hang out with! We just hope they enjoyed hanging out with old farts like us!

(Apologies for my bare feet, I didn't realize they would show when I took this photo!!!)

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