Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Did July Go??

Oh my goodness, time is just zipping by, and I haven't blogged "for real" in it seems like a million years. I have trips from May and June I haven't even posted about, and now July is about gone! I continue to work at the office about 10-15 extra hours every week, and I promise I only sit down at the home computer for about five minutes a week, enough to delete all the 300 junk emails from my inbox. I continue to neglect the homefront in all areas- my vegetable plants have withered away, and I am looking out the window now to see a sadly disappointed hummingbird hovering around the empty feeder. I'm surprised we have any clean underwear, I stay so far behind on the housework.

But I do not complain about work, I simply apologize for both of my blogs drying up like my flowers out front are doing. I love my job, and I work at it with much enthusiasm and pride, and in the back of my mind I am just happy to know that with every hour of overtime worked, my 401K grows by that much more. James and I are devoted to our company, as you can see from the photo above- an afternoon on the Florida trip briefly interrupted by very important business. At least it was a scenic background.

Perhaps I will find a quiet few hours on Sunday to catch up, because in no time at all, we will be heading off to the Caribbean for our (mostly) yearly cruise, and I will have tons of photos from that I'm sure.

And I am going to have to lock down my comments to only those who are members of the blog, I am tired of coming on here and erasing dozens of spam comments. So sorry for the inconvenience, for the 3 or 4 of you who still read the blog.

Cheers, and I will catch up on here as soon as I can!!!!!!!!!

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