Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello Again!!

Well what better way to get back on the blog, than to update with the new computer. After all, without it, I wouldn't be here again. It took awhile but everything is pretty much back in place. Above is the new computer, and James' new desk. He moved everything so that he can look out the window now. There is a second smaller desk to the right, not in the photo, but it's still a mess and he's getting it all fixed up to his liking.

Everything is new- new computer, new keyboard/mouse, new printer, and two new monitors- one of which also is an HDTV. With a flick of a button, it becomes a second PC monitor. I am happy James went for this set up, he's never had a TV in the office, so now he can work and watch the Braves play at the same time. I'll be blogging from here, since this is where we download the photos.

Below, we moved the old desk upstairs to the bonus room, which is sort of my office. My laptop is up there now, and I put it under the window that looks down on the back yard. Sweet. I got a great new camera for Christmas, so I've been taking lots of fantastic photos that I'll get posted on here as fast as I can! Plan to do some catching up this weekend, so I'll have a few posts. Thanks for hanging in there, glad to FINALLY be back, for real!

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