Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kitties Still Spoiled Here

I don't want you to think that just James and I have been upgrading our digs. The cats, of course, are always first in our thoughts. Check out their new kitty condo. We got this a few months ago, at a huge antique/furniture show. We went with the intentions of finding an old desk for James' office- and we did, bu well beyond our budget. Instead, we came home with this fabulous piece.

We walked outside and I had literally just said "they don't have anything here for cat lovers" and we stumbled across this! Several of them, but this is the one we loved and brought home. The guy who makes these is local, and not only does he make gigantic ones for shelters, but he also custom makes pieces for homes all over the country (he had a photo album to share). We've talked about going back to get another one, the cats love this thing. Here is his website, Furwood Forest, and you can see he has quite a talent and imagination.

I think this is an awesome cat condo, and I don't mind saying this piece was less expensive than the cat condos at PetSmart or in catalogs I've looked at. If you are a kitty lover, check out the website, he ships!

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  1. Our 4 fur babies just got a new "condo" of their own. They LOVE it!! Yours looks great!!