Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Not HGTV...

So I posted these funny pics on Facebook with the "You Might Be A Redneck If" tagline, just to get a few laughs. And I did! But, I also wanted to share the rest of the story as well. Yes, that is James on the lawn mower, with our couch in the trailer on the back, and his friend David walking along. That is actually my old furniture, that I had in my house before James and I got married. And it's been the furniture we've used ever since. I've been wanting to get a new living room set, and finally this was the year it happened.

There's nothing wrong with the furniture, it's just a little worn and looking a little rough. Still comfortable though. So, we really didn't want to just toss it out. Along with new furniture, we are getting a new TV- because finally finally after all this time- we will have an entertainment center. Which our old TV- James' gigantic monster from his bachelor days- will not fit in. Definitely James did not want to get rid of the TV, it's his pride and joy. We talked it over and decided that, even though our basement is completely unfinished, why not set it all up down there?

Since our house is situated on a hill, and our backyard sweeps down below (our basement is actually built into the side of the hill), the hurdle became- how to get everything down there? One weekend James and his buddy David had a nice guys-only getaway weekend, and on their return that Sunday- I made a big lunch of hamburgers, onion rings, sweet potato fries, and all the fixins'. The guys took everything out of the living room and down to the basement. James' idea of putting it all on the back of the lawn mower and driving each piece down the hill, was actually pretty inspired, and worked like a charm. They did have to carry everything out the front door and get it to the tractor to begin with, but it sure beat carrying everything either down the stairs, or down the hill. (Romeo inspecting their work safe from his window perch.)

So everything is now down in the basement, and we've been spending our evenings down here for almost two weeks now. We spent all day Sunday watching football, and other than it being cold, it's actually been pretty fun. We do have the small space heater and blankets, but since I like the cold, it's not bothering me. We moved some of the cats' hideaways down there as well- when we go downstairs, they do too, they can't seem to stay away from the action. I imagine, even when we get the new living room fixed up, I can see myself still coming down here and spending a weekend afternoon, hanging out.

Now the living room is empty, and we are waiting on the new set. The sofa was on back order, so we still have about two weeks before it gets delivered. We had Stanley Steemer come the other day, and clean all the carpets in the entire house. I was a little disappointed that they couldn't get all the "cat stains" out of the carpet (gotta love being a pet owner), but the house was long overdue for a cleaning. I will post again once the furniture gets here!

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