Monday, January 2, 2012


I had to share a photo I took this morning of "new" kitty Socks, relaxing by the fire. Socks came home with us on Thanksgiving weekend. She belongs to James' grandmother, who recently had to go live at a nursing home. My mother-in-law says Socks' vet records states she's 13, but Granny insisted to me that Socks is 16. We just know that Miss Socks is a senior kitty, no matter her age.

She prefers to sleep upstairs in my "studio", but she has been coming downstairs to visit. She loves to roam down in the basement, apparently at night, because that's where she is every morning when we get up. So far no big spats with any of the other Truan felines. Maarten hisses at her, but he's a big sissy anyhow. I can assume that since no one is fighting with her, that they've all already accepted her into our family.

We look at ourselves as foster parents, because we promised Granny that if she ever goes to live somewhere that allows her to keep a pet, we will gladly bring Socks right back to her. For now, and for however long she needs a home, Socks is our kitty and we love her very much already. She has particularly stolen James' affections, he is quite taken with her. But, he's a big softy when it comes to the cats, so it was no surprise!

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