Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drop Dead Diva

Just a quick post about the cute new show on Lifetime, called Drop Dead Diva. I've only watched it once or twice, I'm not really the "Lifetime" kind of person. It's about a gorgeous and skinny girl who dies and comes back in the body of a smart but chubby woman (photo of actress Brooke Elliott as plus-size lawyer Jane Binghum). I am only posting about this because it is filmed right near us in Peachtree City (where I go to Weight Watchers, and where James and I go to walk around the lakes), in fact much of the cast has relocated there during filming. Next week they will be right here in downtown Newnan filming. We have a very scenic, very quaint downtown area, and in the few months that I've lived here we've already seen downtown closed twice because of filming for movies. And another movie is getting ready to start filming here as well.

I don't know what episode of Diva will feature the Newnan area, but when I find out I will be sure to let everyone know!


  1. I saw 45 minutes of the show last night. I think I like it.

  2. I watched it last week... I love it. It looks like it's going to be a good one. Lucky you... having it filmed by you.