Monday, July 13, 2009


Whoo-hoo! Back again. The Geek Squad did their thing, they said they removed over 1,000 viruses off our little HP Pavilion buddy. We have always used McAfee, but I guess they said that's not a very good virus protection program, so we have now installed Kaspersky. The Geek said that's the best out there. So, we'll keep our fingers crossed. Looks like they did a great job of recovering our data- so far I've found all our photos, our documents on Word, all of our bookmarks online. Yay! While they had it in their care, I had them add another hard drive, because ours was already full. (I learned that the other day when I tried to download an episode of NCIS off iTunes.) We have another 320G on here now, but the way I download stuff, I will probably fill it up, too! So, now we are back up and running. I have over 100 emails to catch up on. And of course the blog. I will finish up the posts about Florida, to share all the photos, then I'll be back in business and can move on. I will catch up reading all of your blogs, too. Glad to be back!!!


  1. Welcome home.

    Glad your computer is all cleaned up and everything was found. I also use an external hard drive which I love.

  2. Yay Sandy - glad you and your computer are back!!!

  3. Welcome back, Sandy. Glad they could save your photos and 'stuff'.... Hopefully, you won't get more viruses. We have mac's--and I'd NEVER go back to windows... We never have problems like people with windows have.

    Love that photo of the two of you. You look great!!!

  4. Welcome back!! You are sooo lucky!! We have had computer issues in the past where we have lost everything!! It's devastating!

    Great pic of you and the hubs in front of that lovely looking beach mural!!

  5. Glad you're back - didn't you feel like you were on another planet without your computer? I feel like that sometimes when I'm at home - but I check the news on my Blackberry - so I don't feel totally disconnected.

  6. Welcome back, Sandy!! I'm glad they were able to fix the PC!!