Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Love Jim and Gym

Well I took the plunge yesterday and joined a gym, very near our house. It's a local gym, not a chain, and I think they only have one other location, in Cumming (where James' aunt and uncle live). They are actually breaking ground on a newer, bigger facility just up the road, and the new gym will include pools and full-size basketball courts. I really just went in to look it over and see if they have yoga and spinning classes, which they do. I had been to the Y earlier in the week for a visit. The Y here is $53 a month, the gym is $28 a month (my rate will be grandfathered in when they open up the new place), so I had to go with the gym. It's very state of the art, lots of televisions everywhere, some of the treadmills even had them built right in on the machines. They had good rock music pumping overhead, with videos playing. A smoothie bar, aqua massages, a darkened movie theater with treadmills and bikes instead of seats. I decided it was time, considering that my weight loss has pretty much stalled. I continue to walk on my treadmill here at home, and in fact I'm up to about 6-7 miles a session (headed there as soon as I finish this post). But, I need to do more. My membership includes two free sessions with a personal trainer, who I'll be meeting with on Monday afternoon. A cute little gal who barely looks twenty and is skinny as a rail. She'll show me all the machines, etc. It's been a long time since I went to a gym, and back then it was a small women's only gym. I did once belong to the Y back in South Carolina, but I admit that I didn't go nearly enough to do me any good, or justify the monthly fee. James (to me, but Jim to his family) said he doesn't mind paying for the gym, as long as I go, and since I'm not working it's the perfect time to develop some new, healthy habits. I stole a few photos off their website. I am hoping that once I add in the gym, along with the chiropractor and massage therapist, and continue to go to Weight Watchers, I will finally be back on the road to recovery. And, I have to announce here that, although I am still having some pain, I officially stopped taking my pain medication last week and so far have been fine without it. Hope to have even more encouraging reports in the next few weeks about it. And, hope to soon see the little ticker at the bottom of my page start moving in the right direction for my weight loss!


  1. Pretty classy place, I hope you use it often and enjopy the results. I have made an appointment with a guy for next week. I will be picking up the materials for your deer feeder. When it is done I will send pictures,,,,Dad

  2. Yay! Can't wait for you guys to come visit next month, really looking forward to it.

    As for the gym, both my chiropractor and my massage therapist told me to take it easy, don't start off all gung-ho, that I am still considered "in rehab". I am supposed to work on my flexibility first (yoga) before I start weight training. So I am going to have to tell the personal trainer, just show me how all the machines work, but I'm not ready to jump on them quite yet.

  3. Good for you, Sandy! Looks like a terrific gym! Take it easy...