Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mote Marine

A few more quick photos from our Florida trip, trying to get this all finished up, so I'll keep the words to a minimum. This is our afternoon at Mote Marine, another one of those off the beaten path places to visit- but well known to locals. Mote not only has an aquarium, but also a mammal center with the dolphins and manatees. There is also a small sanctuary for rehabilitating wild birds (Save Our Seabirds), and although it's on the same property, it's not officially part of Mote. Mote is primarily a research and educational facility, but they are open to the public, and if you're down that way it is certainly worth the visit! (Yes, all the photos are mine, I have mastered the critter-in-the-aquarium technique! Cool, huh?!)


  1. This looks like a place that we would totally love!! My DD & I are completely enamored with manatees and any other sea creatures.

    Your photo technique is fabulous!! You got some amazing "in the tank" pics of some very interesting creatures! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The secret is, I put the camera right up against the glass and turn off the flash, so no glare. I always get crystal clear photos.

    My hometown is actually in Manatee County, and we have a manatee downtown named Snooty. He turned 60 last year, and he was born into captivity when his injured mother was rescued in Miami. I have many very fond childhood memories of petting and feeding Snooty. I think the next time we go down for a visit, I will have to take James there to meet Snooty. My dad's office is right across the street. In one of my next Florida posts, I'll have some photos of downtown, including a manatee statue!

  3. Where is Moot, Sandy? I assume it's near Sarasota/Bradenton.. It's wonderful --and your pictures are perfect.


  4. Wonderful photos! I feel like I'm there. I love sealife pictures and you did a great job capturing these guys without any distortion. Hope all the kitty kids are doing well!