Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Off to Fayetteville

Not much going on today. I am "recovering" from my yoga class yesterday. I used to do yoga many moons ago- when James and I were dating there was a beautiful yoga studio around the corner from his place and I would go there and take classes, waiting for him to get home from work. But, it's obviously been awhile, and I feel it in my legs today. I definitely need to do it, my therapist said it will be wonderful to help me stretch out my muscles and get back to normal. I can excitedly say that after just three visits with her, I'm about 80-90% pain free finally. It's amazing. I have another session with her next week, and despite the bruising pain she will lay on me, it will be worth it and I'm looking forward to it. In the interim, I will keep at the yoga. They have classes at the gym every day, but I'm going to start off with twice a week, work my way up to more. My gym is only $25 a month! Can't beat that.

Romeo's yearly vet appointment went well. He is our calm, laid back friendly cat (above), so he always gets lots of attention whenever we go in. This was his first visit at the new vet, so everyone fawned over him, gave him treats, took lots of pictures of him. I don't know if it's his big size or his sweet disposition, but he got a lot of petting and kisses from the new staff. Even the doctor commented about what a good-looking boy he is. Not too bad for a stray cat who just showed up at our front door one day all those years ago! I think we'll like going to this new vet, he has four cats and several of them were there in the waiting room to greet us!

We've had issues lately with Romeo marking, so all you cat folks out there, give me advice. This just started a few weeks ago. He's marking all over the walls. At first we thought he was just peeing, but after talking to the vet yesterday and describing the action (backs his butt up to a wall, shakes his tail, and pees all over the wall), the doctor said he is "marking" his territory. Don't know why he just started this! The vet said sometimes when male cats don't get neutered as a kitten, this habit develops. Romeo was probably over a year old when we found him and had him fixed. So, cat friends, what can I do about this sudden but certainly nuisance behavior?? None of the other cats do this, although we suspect Hairy may have some old-age related tinkling issues.

I am headed to do a few miles on the treadmill, my eating has been atrocious lately and I'm going to have to balance it out with exercise if I want to have a good week at Weight Watchers. Dinner out three nights in a row, yikes. Fun to be with the husband, bad for the hips and thighs, ha ha. Slowly and steadily the weight is coming off, and I want to continue the downward trend! My interview is this afternoon, over in another county, about a 45 minute drive, so I will be leaving a bit after lunchtime today. A little farther than I want to drive to work, but this is the first interview I've had since we've moved here, so I'll go in with positive energy and lots of hope. Although my leg pain issues are getting better, it is still sometimes quite painful to drive, so I'm not really looking forward to this afternoon at least in those respects. Will have to load up on Tylenol first!

Thanks for all the kind-hearted words about the hummingbird issue, guess I get a little soft in the head when it comes to animals. But, I still have hummingbirds at the feeder outside the office, so that cheers me up. Now, about that big frog my husband's car squished in the driveway the other night.....

Everyone have a great day, will be back on again soon!

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  1. Here is what a lady at city hall told me, she has three cats. There are a lot of products out there that you can spray with but this is what she does. She cleans and then soaks the area that the cat peed on with peroxide. After she has done this several times she then moves her litter box to that area and then slowly moves the box back to its original location. She has thrown out a few throw rugs that have been ruined. Good luck with it.....Dad