Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tropical Tuesday

Not tropical in a good way, as you can see in the photo above. This was our Tuesday afternoon. For two days we've been getting pounded with storms, courtesy of feeder bands from Tropical Storm Claudette. Certainly not one to complain, because we were happy to see the rain on Monday and Tuesday, and the yard and plants concur. The kitties, however, had their outdoor time curtailed. Below, Romeo (on table) and Spider watch in the distance as the clouds grow darker and the wind starts to pick up.

But Maarten was already heading for the door, not too sure about the oncoming storm.

But this little guy, below, was hanging out on the BBQ grill even when the winds were whipping everything else around.

Spider stayed out for as long as possible, not even thunder or lightning scares her back in. When the rain comes, she will duck under the table or the grill, just so she doesn't have to come back inside the house. I usually have to go out and get her, or at least bribe her to come inside with a shake of the treat can.

After the weather cleared, James and I went the few miles to downtown Newnan to Fabiano's pizza (photo below from website) for dinner. Last night was trivia night, and we got there after the questions had started, so we played just for fun between the two of us. The restaurant was full, so we had to eat in the adjoining building, a bar and concert venue called the Alamo, which has a much cooler vibe. If it seems like we're eating out a lot lately, well, that's because we are. We both know it's time to slow down and get rededicated to the straight and narrow path called d-i-e-t. After our fun plans this upcoming weekend (more on that later), we plan to start Monday morning off on the right foot down that path!


  1. I love thunderstorms, so this looks great! Your cats are so brave! Mine would be hiding out already.

    I love that there are tropical storms out there now. I'll be watching for the next 8 weeks until we go to Sanibel. I like a good storm or two to pass through right before we go. Brings in some nice shells.

    Yes. I agree. It's time for ME to get back on the diet train again, too! I fear my goal will go bust before my 8 weeks are up!! Slow and steady wins the race!!

  2. Hi Sandy, great photos! It's been tropical here too - lots of humidity, sudden and severe thunderstorms. I'm looking forward to Autumn. Four of my cats are fine with the storms, but Calvin and Hobbes, the two I'm fostering for my daughter, run into the hall closet at the first roll of thunder. Bella keeps peeking in the door and looking at them with her little head tilted in a thinking position. She just can't figure it out. Then she runs to the window and watches the lightning. :) Enjoy your evening!