Saturday, September 19, 2009

Art Walk Friday

Friday night in downtown Newnan found us at the Fall Art Walk, where merchants kept later hours and featured pieces from local artists. Many of the shops had snacks and drinks, and live music dotted the sidewalks here and there. James and I circled the square several times before we found a parking place, and we strolled along the streets, following a map that highlighted which stores were showcasing which artists. My very very favorite store downtown is The Vintage-Flea, and I was happy to find they had opened the upstairs of the shop finally (it was a work in progress the last time I was there). I picked up this cute little hand-painted wooden sign (above) for the deal of the century, at $4.75! None other than store owner and artist extraordinaire Valerie Dumas rang me up at the counter! Her store was elbow-to-elbow that night, it was packed.

We had dinner around the corner at Ten East Washington (photo below from their website), a restaurant named for their street address. The weather was beautiful so we ate there on the front porch, where the owner/head chef George made the rounds to greet all the guests and make certain they were enjoying their meal. James had the special, lobster ravioli, and I had teriyaki grilled salmon. They apparently had live music upstairs, as we could hear it as well as laughter and people shouting out greetings to folks in the street, but we didn't make it up there. A very nice restaurant, and recommended if you are in the downtown area!

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