Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm No Martha Stewart

We are counting our lucky stars here in Newnan that what they are now referring to as the Great Flood of 2009 didn't make it down our way. Although there were parts of our county, which sits along the Chattahoochee River, that unfortunately flooded and wiped out many homes and businesses and even farms- we here in Newnan were spared. We did receive a great deal of rain, but that was it. Another cloudy day followed, and then we were once again basking in the hot sunshine of the first days of autumn.

Yesterday was a very cool and foggy morning, so I got outside when James left for work, and I started my end of the summer trimming in the front flower beds. I have a lot to go, but in just two hours I had piled it up this high already (below), so called it quits for now. James took a very rare day off today from the office, and he has been outside in the yard for a whopping seven hours already doing yard work, and he's not done yet. He mowed the grass, cut down the brush that grows between our lawn and the woods, and edged the entire yard. He moved several enormous rocks and set them around the garden as decorations. And he even cleaned up and filled all the bird feeders.

Inside the house I've been hanging more curtains. Three rooms down and three to go. I'm not very good at decorating, and my color choices very seldom wander out of the safety of the earth tone category. I spent last evening flipping through the pages of all my Southern Living and Better Homes & Gardens back issues, looking at tiebacks and valances and tassels, etc. But I just don't like froo-froo. So in the end I went with simple plain old curtains from Wally World. Yes, I know they should be hanging down to the ground, but with all the cats I decided to keep the edges off the floor a bit. General has already been pawing at them as it is. (Top photo- the informal dining room. Bottom photo- seating area in our master bedroom.)

I do wish I had more of a flare when it comes to both the garden and the house, but I know my limitations! Interior design is definitely not my thing, and instead of worrying over paint colors, I do good to keep up with cleaning all the black cat hair all over the place! But, whenever I feel stuck for ideas, I can always go here to look at what my neighbors in our subdivision are doing!

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