Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain Rain!

Anyone who has tuned in The Weather Channel today knows that the Atlanta area is getting pounded with rain (current radar as of this post). Although we are one county southwest of ATL, we've had our share and from this weekend, my rain gauge says four inches. As you can see, we have a lot more on the way. I can hear the thunder rumbling right now as I type this and I'm watching the rain fall in soft sheets. We've had fatalities already this weekend with the massive flooding, with many areas getting up to 15 inches already with more to come. The next county over from us is a disaster zone, with rain washing out roads and bridges and trapping people in their neighborhoods. So far, we're holding tight, although it has definitely put a crimp in things at James' workplace, with their delivery trucks on the roads and many schools and businesses closed. At our house, we're in good shape, we sit up on a hill, and there are no rivers or creeks nearby. I've been in the basement this morning, doing a little housekeeping, and everything is warm and dry down there. My plans today were to go to Lowe's to get curtains and rods for our bedroom, and two lamps at Target for the living room, but I'm staying in and not taking a chance on getting out on the roads. The news is telling viewers to stay at home if they have that option, because the flash flood warnings will be posted for another day or so. Today I'm hunkering down, washing bed linens, shredding old receipts, cleaning out a few "junk" boxes in the basement, and organizing my closet. Oh yes, and I polished off the rest of the banana bread I made this weekend. Someone had to do it! Everyone stay safe if you're in this area......


  1. Just dropped in while I'm checking the weather over your way. I love a little storm action right before I go shelling.... However, it looks pretty fierce over there right now. Good choice to hunker down today and ride it out. I'll be checking back on you... (I'm not too keen on flying into/out of ATL during turbulent weather....)

  2. Earlier today flights were delayed by about two hours, but I think everything is moving along a little better right now.