Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chocolate and Pizza

On Saturday James and I rode the train up into Atlanta for the evening, where we stopped off at the Dunwoody station. The station is across the street from the Perimeter Mall (below), which is on the north side of the city. I couldn't find evidence there of the recession, because at 5pm on a Saturday, this huge mecca of merchandise was filled wall-to-wall with people. I'm sure it didn't hurt that it was storming rain outside, but this mall was bustling with shoppers and the food court was crammed with diners. A nice mall, with my absolute favorite store (Brighton) and a three-level Nordstrom. Alas, we were just there killing time and visiting, waiting for a friend to pick us up from the train. But we had over an hour to browse and we walked in a few stores. Although James managed to sneak in a haircut, the only thing I walked away with that night was a bag full of my favorite cookies- dark chocolate covered macaroons from Godiva. What a decadent treat! I am SO glad they did not have the nutritional information on the bag, because these cookies are as big as my fist, I would probably pass out if I saw the calories.

James' friend David, who lives in Marietta, picked us up in the mall parking lot, then we all went to Harry's (below) where James and David play poker on Saturday nights. The poker circuit here in Georgia doesn't involve money. It's free to play, and you win points that accumulate throughout the month. The top 100 then play in a big monthly tournament. I don't usually go with James when he plays, because I'm a wife who understands guy-time and I respect it. Still, when James invited me to go on Saturday, I said yes. We ordered a pizza before the tournament started, and I can tell you I'm glad I had two hungry men to share it with because it was so good I could have easily eaten the whole thing. It was some of the best pizza I've ever had, and I've eaten a lot of pizza at a lot of different restaurants. While we were there, a steady stream of people came in from the storm to pick up box after box of pizza. It's so good that even the wrath of Mother Nature couldn't keep diners away!

James and David both did well in the tournament, and by the time David dropped us off at the train station and we finally got home, it was well after midnight. I have come to realize that a visit to Atlanta is never going to be a quick trip, even though we only live one county away.

(All photos courtesy of the web.)

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