Friday, September 4, 2009

Out On A School Night!

Another Falcons game last night, thankfully the only one on a weeknight. Got home around midnight, and boy the Falcons got their butts beat by the Ravens but we still had a great time. It was the last preseason game. The people around us were the same folks from last weekend, and they are all season ticket holders too, and at the end of the game everyone was exchanging names and phone numbers so we can all get together before the next game. Apparently our new friend "Cooper" does up a great big tailgate party and invited us to come by. Unfortunately, the next home game is against the Miami Dolphins and of course, I will be cheering for my home state's team and not the Falcons. Not sure if our new buddies will like me too much that weekend! We may not get invited back for another party.

Everyone have a happy but safe Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Oh, you are just too bad!! Stepping out on a school night!! What were you thinking?? Sounds like fun. Not sure I'd cheer too loudly for the opposing team - until after the party!!

  2. You go Girl..."Stand by your Team" GO FISH!
    James looks over excited, must be that Tenn orange shirt he has on....Oh yea, bring some bird feathers to the tailgate....

  3. No, I had just taken our picture several times already, and he said he wasn't going to "pose" anymore.