Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day this year saw us in Knoxville once again, to spend the weekend with the women of the Truan clan. Three generations of moms under one roof. James and I snuck over to his parents house and set up a dessert buffet for Saturday night, when everyone came over to exchange gifts and cards and enjoy being together. We were so busy getting it all ready, neither of us thought to take a single photo at the party!

We got to see a little bit of downtown Knoxville, and drove through the UT campus, but unfortunately it was on the way to visit James' niece Sarah on Saturday and Sunday. She is at the children's hospital with a painful, but as of yet undiagnosed, mystery illness. We are still hoping that she and her parents get an answer soon, and most of all we wish her a speedy recovery and a trip back home as quickly as possible.

And as always, we did spend some time with James' Granny. While we were over there on Saturday evening, "her" raccoons came over for a visit as well. James snuck up on them to take this photo with his phone, but as he was creeping closer he stepped on a twig and "snap!", and then the critters scattered. But, they are not afraid of Granny, and when she goes out there to feed them, they cluster around her like little puppies waiting for a treat. And if she doesn't get out there quickly enough for them, they come and stare inside the windows of her house. I can honestly say I've been there when this has actually happened. It was a bit disconcerting to sit in the living room for a visit, and look up to see two raccoons peeking inside at us. Not only is Granny feeding the local raccoons, but she also has a sweet black and white kitty who comes around for food and milk. Granny has a cat, but she stays inside most of the time, although Granny did say that her Socks chased off the new kitty recently.

On Mother's Day, we went out with James' parents and drove over to Sevierville, where we had a big country lunch at the Applewood Farmhouse, one of our favorite places to eat. We relaxed on the porch after shopping over in their massive gift store- and sneaking a fried apple pie at the bakery. It was chilly that day, but signs of Spring were everywhere, including several nests of baby birds (sparrows) up under the porch rafters. (See above, you can barely make out the two little heads, but boy were they squawking away for their mama.) As always, we had a wonderful but quick visit with the family. But, we will be back again in just a few weeks, so it's easy to go back home when you know you'll be seeing everyone again in a matter of days.

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