Sunday, May 16, 2010

Take Me Out...

To the ballgame of course! Saturday we went to our first Braves game for 2010. We took the train up into the city and our friend David picked us up, where we headed to Midtown to our favorite hamburger joint the Vortex. Then David did some superb driving on some back roads to get us over to Turner Field, where James had already scored us a discounted parking pass.

The guys were hoping to catch some foul balls, but nothing ever came our way. The Braves were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks all weekend. At the entrance to the ballpark, there were about 100 people there protesting with signs and handouts. They were protesting the new immigration policies in Arizona. I was actually sort of surprised. I didn't know if they were local people in support of the protest, or people who had travelled from Arizona in order to stand out there all weekend while the Dbacks were in town.

The Braves did well last year, almost making it into the post season. This year they've started off horribly, and Saturday night they got stomped 11-1. We stayed until the end though. David is a huge Braves fan, and I don't think we could have pried him out of his seat, even though the outcome was hopelessly not in the Braves' favor.

It was a long night, and I got tired. David dropped us off at a train station, then by the time we got to the truck and got home, it was after midnight. I was whooped. But we had a great time. The baseball season is long, and I'm sure we'll go to another game later this year. We had good seats and it was a good time to share with a friend. Come on Braves, get your act together and let's have a winning send off for longtime coach Bobby Cox's last season! Okay, yeah sorry, baseball they call the "coach" a manager. Why is that? Why can't he be a coach just like in all other sports.....??

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