Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tuscany In Atlanta

Today we were back up in Atlanta, in the Dunwoody and Sandy Springs area, where we had to pick up our wedding rings from a jeweler (more later). It was lunch time when we got up there, so we stopped at Brio. Yes, Brio is a chain restaurant, but for Italian food just a step above the very average Olive Garden or Carrabba's, give this "Tuscan grille" a try.

This particular location, in the Perimeter area, features outdoor seating looking out over a small pond. Lots of Canada geese with their young ones all gliding across the water, and a huge heron flew overhead at one point. But the highlight for me was the family of ducks- mom, dad, and these oh-so-cute fuzzy babies (not my cutely manicured feet), who were all waddling up and down the patio, hoping for crumbs. I'm not sure James, who is always thinking about food safety, really enjoyed having the wildlife so close to his brunch. But I loved them.

We had a wonderful meal, with the beautiful scenery and perfect weather to enjoy. The restaurant even had several bocce ball courts outside. I confess, I'm Italian, but I don't know how to play. I'm sure my grandfather, who came over here through Ellis Island, probably played.

And so, here is proof of how the other half lives, and how I knew we were in the hoity-toity section of ATL. Below, I thought this was perhaps an enormous financial institution like a swanky bank or insurance company, or at least some very fancy offices. No, it's self storage. If you don't believe me, see the photo below this. I have never seen a "self storage" center that looked like this! We have the long row of concrete barracks with pull down garage doors in our neck of the woods.

And we came home to find our first lily of the season has bloomed. If you read my blog last year, you know I planted A LOT of bulbs, and I had a dozen variety and different colors of lilies in our front yard. I can't wait to have more blooming soon.

And so to the reason for our trip way up to that part of the city. Yesterday we had to take my engagement ring to get it repaired, as the part of the ring that holds the diamond to the band had broken in three different places a few weeks ago. Well, as the commercial goes, "He went to Jared". When James got my engagement ring, and we got our wedding rings, we got them at Jared. I just want to brag on the company, because not only did they fix my engagement ring in just a few hours for free, they also fixed a break in James' wedding band, and they kept my wedding ring as well- and they put a new coat of rhodium on all three- all of this for free. All three rings look as shiny and brand new as the day we got them back in 2005.

I wanted to share this top quality service we received, and to show how Jared stands by their product and their customers. I can't ever see us going to a "mall" jewelry store. This is just one story I have to praise Jared; I could tell you the one about how hard they worked to call every store across the country just to get this particular wedding band for me- and how they let me "borrow" another ring until mine came in. Customer service, A++ from me!


  1. What in the world does James have on his plate?

  2. I think it was eggs oscar- which meant it has crab meat on it- there is spinach and asparagus there too.

  3. Good to know...I never have been in one of those stores..well, not really the jewelry girl anyway unless it's made out of noodles, or paperclips, etc :)