Friday, October 23, 2009

The Hits Keep On Coming

I've read posts by a lot of unhappy bloggers lately, regarding comments. Seems that a lot of folks out there get upset when they don't receive comments, and I don't understand that. I don't think any of us out here are blogging strictly to receive feedback. It's nice to get a comment, to know that people enjoy your blog or your photos, or to read stories they are sharing about their own experiences. But to get upset because you do NOT get comments, I don't relate to that. One blogger posted about how his hit counter keeps going up and up, but he receives very few comments and he was frustrated by the fact that people were obviously visiting the blog but not leaving comments. One other blogger that I've been reading for a long time eventually removed the comment section so that no one can leave one at all, and he was very open in saying that he rarely leaves them on other blogs. Then there are those who leave nasty or mean-spirited comments (usually anonymously). I guess I've been lucky because I've never received a mean comment, and I certainly don't leave them either. I read a lot of blogs, but like the fellow I mentioned, I rarely leave comments. For me it's simply a matter of time or trying to find the right words to say. It doesn't mean I'm not reading your blogs. If you are listed on my blog roll off to the side, then you can be certain I am keeping up with your blog. I wouldn't have the links over there if I didn't go read you. I just don't leave comments very often. I don't get upset when I write a post that gets zero comments, and I hope that no one else in return gets upset with me if I follow your blog but never leave comments. I thoroughly enjoy everyone that I read, whether I tell you or not!!! In fact, as soon as I finish posting this, I will be starting at the top of my list and working my way down, reading each and every one of you!


  1. By nature, I'm a commenter. I love to leave comments, but I would never be ugly or nasty. Not in my character. As for receiving comments ~ I love them, yep, I do. But if someone doesn't comment, good by me too. It's more of a journal thing for me. It's great when someone comments, but it's not something I absolutely have to have.

  2. I'm a commenter when i have time, but I don't right now. (Yet here I am, commenting. lol)

    I look at comments like they're gravy. I write for myself, and the fact that people read what I write astounds me. Further, that they take the time to I love receiving comments, but I don't get "that many" in comparison to the amount of blog hits I get.

    I don't mind, and I cherish the comments I do get.

    Knock on wood, I haven't received a nasty comment yet.