Monday, October 5, 2009

To All My Fans

Today was a big day at our house, and even Spider (above) was ready to jump in and help. Of course I'm talking about getting our ceiling fans installed. Yay! We were able to get the same electricians who wired our house back when it was built, and they were here a better part of the day installing the six fans. James is more than capable of installing fans, but unfortunately we don't have a ladder to reach the 15 and 20 foot ceilings in the main rooms.

We found very nice models (two, above) at the nearby Lowe's, and we had everything ready for the guys when they got here this morning. We even had these really cool units (below) put on the wall, in place of the normal flip-up switches. Now we can control the speed of the fans and even the brightness of the lights right from here. Pretty neat. The guys were very nice and both turned out to be animal lovers, so we had long chats about the cats- who were all locked up in the master bedroom for the day. I don't trust the cats enough to leave them around a constantly opening front door!

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  1. Isn't it fun to have a brand new home ---and get to decorate it gradually the way you want to???? That is so special.

    Love those ceiling fans --and I've never seen such fancy switches before. That is SPECIAL.

    Thanks for you kind words on my blog. I had a sad sad weekend--but time will heal.