Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kitties On The Loose

Today was such a beautiful day out, and I had such a stressful morning (driving all over the south part of Atlanta looking for the lab to do my drug screening for work), I decided to relax with my latest creepy true crime paperwork on the back deck this afternoon. The kitties needed a bit of fresh air and sunshine so I let them all five come outside with me for awhile.

Here is Romeo stretching out and relaxing.

And Romeo showing off one of his vampire fangs.

General never stays out more than a few minutes, and here he is eyeballing the door.

General quickly was back inside, watching from the safety of the house.

And here's Maarten, closely watching the new doggy neighbors next door.


  1. I think Maarten is my favorite - I love that sweet little face with the white chin! He reminds me of my Einstein. I miss all my cats so much!

  2. I wish the cats in my neighborhood were as well behaved as yours. As mom and I were on the front porch this morning we saw two cats sneaking up on our grey friends who were eating acorns. I got up and chased them down the road...oh well, mean ole man.

  3. We have a lot of prowling cats in our neighborhood, I see them all the time. I will never ever own an "outdoor" kitty, I would just be so worried about them all the time!