Friday, October 23, 2009


So here is my photographic evidence of how much my indoor kitties love to be outside. I just took this picture, it's been pouring rain all morning, but Spider cried incessantly to go out on the deck. She doesn't care that it's raining, she just cozies up under a chair. I got soaked in just seconds taking this photo, but she wouldn't come inside even if I begged her or enticed her with a shake of the treat can. Crazy cat!


  1. How sweet is that!! My big orange guy has a thing for water, too. He'll get into the shower with me sometimes, or sit on the edge and watch the water run. He'd be outside in a heartbeat during the rain (as long as their isn't any thunder!!) - if only I'd let him!!

  2. I don't have a choice with Spider, when she wants to go outside she follows me around and cries the most pitiful cry you've ever heard. It's not that it breaks my heart, it just eventually annoys me so much that I let her out on the deck!!