Friday, October 23, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I know I've already posted a bunch today, but I wanted to share this photo I just snapped. This will be the last lazy afternoon I have, hanging around the home office, blogging at my leisure (I will still be on here, never fear). All five cats (can you spot them all?) seemed to sense it and decided to hang out with me today- yes, even Spider who finally came inside after she got wet enough. As much as I'm looking forward to starting the new job next week, I will miss all the extra cuddle time I get with the kitties. It's been a pleasure, and I think it's been important bonding for me as well as them. Hopefully they will just be extra excited to see me now when I come home in the evenings!


  1. I missed the cats (and dogs) so much when I went back to work - and I miss Aggie and Monty now when I'm at the office! And - wouldn't you know - I have Maarten and General mixed up! It's General I have the crush on - sorry!

  2. Yes, General is my little tux, and he is a big stinker. He gets in more trouble than the other four combined!