Wednesday, October 21, 2009

O! Happy Day

Today has been a wonderful day from start to finish, and I don't get to say that very often these days. It started out bright and early with me in the office of the VP of human resources, where I officially signed the paperwork giving me the position of Contract Coordinator, a job that I will start as of next week. My same old company (just a different location), but a new position, one that relies heavily on the use of Excel, which I have barely fuzzy knowledge of. Even better, as I was going in to see the HR person, I got to see my hubby out in the hallway as he was headed to a meeting! (Too bad he is horribly sick with a nasty nasty cold right now.) Even though I've been away from the company these long months of 2009, I get to retain my many years of service, and I don't lose any of the "extra" benefits I earned (like my three weeks of vacation time!), and better still, I'll be making a whopping $2 an hour more with this new job. I know, that doesn't sound like a lot, but for a simple girl like me, working an unskilled office job, it is like winning the lottery.

After my meeting I headed back to Newnan to run a long list of errands, but the weather was so stunning today I didn't mind one bit, even as I was standing around waiting for my SUV's oil change (I stayed outside to soak up the rays). I made a detour to the bookstore, where I picked up a few guides on working with Excel (it's been awhile after all...) and also a few trashy true crime paperbacks (I couldn't resist, I have a weakness for them), one of which is already waiting for me out on the back deck as soon as I finish this post. My afternoon ended with another session with my massage therapist, who I am ever grateful for every time I see her. Now that she has me medication-free, I am almost pain-free as well.

I came home to find a delightful handmade Halloween card in the mailbox from my dear longtime friend Dawn, who is ultra-talented and who always sends me beautiful homemade cards for every occasion. And I did my good deed for today, when I stopped out on the major highway near our subdivision, and picked up a little turtle in the middle of traffic trying to cross the road. James will confirm that whenever I see a turtle, I always make him stop and help it on its way. I had to wait until no cars were coming, and I cringed every time I saw one zooming down the road, closing my eyes until it was gone (I couldn't bear to witness any accidental smooshing of the little guy).

Although most of this week it's been quite cold and windy, and we've had to run the heat both in the house and in our cars, today was so nice (50's) that I was able to shut it all down and open the windows up. You guys who read my blog know how much I love to open the windows in the house!!

Although I've had my fall decorations out for awhile now (above), tonight I'm going to put out the Halloween decorations- my big smiley pumpkin, my bat in the window, and my purple lights out on the bushes to name just a few. We haven't decided if we are going to "do" Halloween yet this year (James says he isn't crazy about it, but he may give in because I love it so much), I'm still going to put the decorations out. A lot of the houses in the neighborhood have done it up right, with scarecrows and tombstones and cobwebs, even a pirate ship with ghosts. Since we live so far out in the country (like, the only subdivision out here), and our house is at the back, I'm not sure if we'll get any kids, but if we do decide to stay in that Saturday night, I will definitely be ready with the candy- the good stuff like chocolate, not the cheap junk. After all, WE get the leftovers!!!!!

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