Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Parents Are Here!

My mom and dad (above) are here for the weekend for a quick visit. They got in on Friday morning, and will be leaving out on Monday. They took a few days to meet up with friends in the North Carolina mountains, an area where they visit every year, then stopped here on the way back down to Florida. Soon when my mom gets home she will have to start her radiation treatments, so it was nice to see her and I'm very happy that she's feeling so good right now.

My dad brought up this really cool deer feeder he built for us (below), and he and James installed it at the edge of the woods behind our house yesterday. Hopefully the deer will now be satisfied with the feed we provide them, instead of our flowers and shrubs and vegetables!

I'll be away from the blog for a few days, then I will have a lot of exciting news to post about, and I will check in with everyone else soon.


  1. Your mama looks good! I have been praying for her and your dad every day. I hope you're having a fun weekend with the folks!

  2. The photo is from this week, while they were up in NC, so as you can see she is bouncing back from her surgery! She is an inspiration.