Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun Day Ahead

Just a quick post, and no I don't really have a fun day ahead of me, but I'll be out and about town for awhile today running a few errands. I'll be leaving shortly for my follow up visit with my new pain specialist. He has the results of the latest MRI from a few weeks ago, and we'll go over that and hopefully come up with a treatment plan. The tripling of my pain medication has not been very effective, and I do not want to go on anything stronger because right now I'm NOT on any narcotics and I can still function normally. If his decision is surgery, I am open to that as well, because I do not want to live any longer with this pain that impedes me from completing ordinary tasks- keeping up with my housework, exercising more, sitting at my table to paint all afternoon, gardening, sex (sorry dad), long car rides, carrying bags of groceries, vacations, classes at the Y, hiking, sitting in one place reading for awhile, even sleeping soundly. Any of the things I've had to give up or have had to limit because of the pain. I miss my old life before the back injury. But we will see what the doctor says today.

In other news, it appears for the moment that the sale of our old SC house will go through, although we are still holding our breath until it is completely over. Our realtor has her paperwork signed, and now we are waiting for our paperwork that we need to sign. Our realtor said she should have an "Under Contract" sign in our yard by today. I don't know anything about the buyers, other than it is their first home apparently. So, they picked a great one in a wonderful neighborhood. I hope they enjoy it as much as we did, in the short two+ years that we lived there. It's a beautiful home, and once the kitchen and baths are updated, it will be a dream home worthy of a magazine cover. Ha ha, my humble opinion.

Well I'm off to get ready for my afternoon out, I will be back on here hopefully this evening, maybe with news of both my back issue and our home. Have a great day!

(photo of our fantastic realtor Wendy with her family- hope she doesn't mind I borrowed this from her website)


  1. Good luck with you DR today!! Fingers crossed on the house sale!!

    LOVE your new header picture!

  2. Decided it was time to take down the winter scene and put up a summer one. It is definitely summer here now!