Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peaches For Me

Sunday we started on our commitment to taking a long walk together every weekend. The weather here lately has just been beyond perfection. Our days start out in the 60's, and slowly make their way to the low 80's by early evening, and so far our humidity has been low. I'm not sure if this is normal spring weather here in Georgia, but I have no complaints. This week we are going to have high 80's all week, and couple that with my epidural on Tuesday morning, and I'm not sure I will be out and about much this week. So I'm glad we got to enjoy Sunday out on our walk.

We once again rode over to Peachtree City- and yes with the top down again because it was a stunning sunny, bright day in the 70's. We picked a different area of the city this time, and started at a small park on Lake Kedron, where one of the golf cart paths intersects it on the edge of the lake. As soon as we got out of the car, we were confronted with a hungry swarm of geese with their little youngsters, mouths gaping wide open. Unfortunately, we did not bring any bread with us. Next time we will plan better.

Although it felt as though we walked for a long time, it was only a little over an hour, and about three miles. The cart paths are very heavily shaded, and many of them wind through some absolutely gorgeous neighborhoods. It doesn't take much prodding to get me to go looking at dream homes! We picked this particular trail because it crossed over part of the lake, and we were able to enjoy the beauty of the sun on the water, the clouds reflected on the soft waves, and the many water critters like turtles and herons, even a large carp that came up to the surface for a fleeting moment.

Whenever the pathway led us through neighborhood streets, we admired the stately homes and lovely landscaping. I am very interested in seeing what other people are planting in their yards, and their stonework and fountains and little statuaries of bunnies or snails. I also enjoy looking at front porches, and how they are decorated. There were a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" from me, but not with envy, just with simple pleasure, the same way I love to look at houses in Better Homes & Gardens. These were homes we probably will never be able to afford, but we took in all the sights and sounds. James commented that the way we were gazing longingly at these homes, there were probably people who drive through our humble subdivision and look at our house dreamily. I agreed because no matter where you are at in life, there is always someone better off than you are, and there is always someone else less fortunate. We take our home for granted, because it's what we can afford at this point in our lives (but not back in our 20's or 30's).

Our walk ended up back at the park on the lake, where we relaxed for awhile in the shade. We watched people fishing off the docks, a couple out walking with their small son who was fascinated with the geese, and another couple who were just coming in on their kayaks. We watched them and talked about how much fun that would be for us, to come over and glide around the lake for the morning. I had actually thought about getting a kayak last year, because back in SC we also lived very near a large lake. It has always seemed like fun to me, but of course I've never done it before, it may be more challenging than it looks. But Lake Kedron does not allowed motorized boats, so at least there would be no big waves to fight against. James said that maybe next year, when we get a new pickup (we just gave ours to James' brother-in-law two months ago), we can look into getting kayaks. Right now we have no way to transport them.

It was a wonderful way to start our Sunday, which was an all around great day. Once we were back in Newnan, we went grocery shopping together (which is easier on me because then I don't have to guess what James will want for the week). Then we cooled off inside the house for a few hours watching golf and NASCAR- where both of our favorite guys, Tiger Woods and Tony Stewart, both won, respectively. We spent the rest of the day out in the yard working together, trimming weeds, watering plants, until the sun started going down and those pesky little biting bugs became too much of a nuisance. A perfect weekend for us as a couple, but not for me personally. We ate out a grand total of, ahem, five times this weekend, which is very much like our "old days", but rare for us lately. I made bad choices, because even going out, I still had the option of getting a big salad instead of pasta, or passing on the french fries. I won't tell you what the scale read this morning! Needless to say, our three mile walk at the lake was not enough to counteract my falling off the diet wagon.

P.S.-Here are a few of the stunning, enormous houses in the neighborhoods where we walked. These are all currently for sale. The first one here is a bargain, and if you happen to have a spare $$FOUR MILLION dollars$$ sitting around in the bank, it can be yours! Anyone who lives on a lake, or a river, or at the beach knows how outrageously priced houses on water can be!!! Take our modest house and put it on this lake, it would triple in price and we'd never be able to afford it. Thank goodness for subdivisions out in the middle of nowhere!

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