Friday, June 5, 2009

The Squngee...

Okay, this isn't my video, but I just bought this contraption today at the wild bird store. I went in for a bird feeder, and the lady working there talked me into buying this thing!! Don't get me wrong, I love to feed the squirrels, and I love to watch them as well because you all know I have a warm spot in my heart for all things cute and fuzzy. She showed me a demo DVD of, get this, "The Squngee"- it's a squirrel bungee that you add corn cobs to, and apparently the squirrels eat the corn while amusing the cats and me, and hopefully, James (he could care less about the birds and squirrels, but pretends to just to humor me). Anyhow, watch this cute video I yanked off YouTube, and I'm expecting to see the same antics in our backyard soon!

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