Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A comment I made on Betsy's blog the other day made me do a little thinking. Why do I blog? My original intent was to create a blog so that all the friends I left behind in South Carolina could come on here every day and keep up with what I'm doing, what's going on with us. I wanted to post photos from trips, or the new house, the new town. Photos of the cats, of me and James. Talk about what's going on with my job search, my weight loss, my art. For all those friends who asked every month, "Are you pregnant yet?" or the ones who would say, "So how is Weight Watchers going this time?"

I tried MySpace- nice for making albums of photos, but boring for posting and, worse, I was constantly bombarded with Buy our latest CD or Hi pretty lady...when clearly I was happily married. I lasted on there maybe a few weeks. Then I tried Snapfish, to make albums for everyone to look at photos, but that was painstaking to leave comments under each picture. I stumbled onto this blog because of Lisa Nelson- she's had one for awhile now and I would come on here to look at her latest artwork. When I started a blog, I really didn't know what direction it would take, and I didn't expect to enjoy it so much.

The ironic thing is, the only people from my real life who read it are my husband (nothing on here is news to him), my parents (who I email or talk on the phone to every day), and a good friend from Florida I haven't seen since 1989 (but we've been penpals ever since). The friends I intended it for, do not read it. Oh, I've emailed the blog address to everyone, and I've gotten a few responses "I'll check it out", but no one has emailed back to say they've read it. Even my best friend admitted she's only been on here once. But she and I email almost every single day, and talk on the phone every so often, so a lot of this would be redundant for her (I even email her photos here and there). So, maybe I was a little overconfident in thinking that the folks back in South Carolina would give a crap about what I'm doing now! ;)

I am not going to make any statements about any of my friends- they're busy, they all work, have kids or grandkids, husbands, houses to clean, other friends to see, social engagements to go to. I was someone they knew for a few years, then moved away, and I'm sure some of them say to themselves "this reminds me of the time Sandy...blah blah" or they think of me when they see a rat, or a black cat, or a cruise ship, or a photo of the beach. Whatever triggers the memory.

My friends do email me- when I email them first. My dearest friend Nita is the only one who emails me without my begging her! The others only answer when I initiate, and then it's just sort of how are you, how are the kids, how's the job...

So, I didn't want my blog to be anything other than photos and a diary for my friends. I never wanted to be controversial, I didn't want to take any political stands or talk about global issues. Just me, here I am, in Georgia, this was my day. I also didn't want to focus on just my weight loss, although I love weight loss blogs and they are very inspirational. I didn't want it to be about my artwork, because since we've moved I've made every excuse in the book on why I'm not painting right now. I know I'm all over the map with my posts, but I don't have any desire to have my blog be about any one subject.

I've found a lot of new "friends" here in blogland, and it's fun to read not just your comments on my posts, but your own blogs as well. And I check each blog that I follow, every morning and evening. So at this point, I can say that my blog is just for fun, and no other reason than that. I read on a new blogger's first (and only) post that she was starting a blog because she heard it was therapeutic. I would say that is true for me! Some days I have no idea what I'm going to blog about, could be inspired by a photo I took, or what James and I did, or some place that I went. Even if my friends in South Carolina are not reading it, I know there are folks out there who do read it. And that's pretty special to me.

Hope you all have a great day!

(Photo taken at the ferry dock on our trip to Ocracoke Island in 2005.)


  1. You're right - blogging is therapeutic - and it's helping me get back into the habit of writing something a bit more creative than letters about my dull daily life. I enjoy reading your blog - and I can tell how basically happy you are - and what a blessing James is in your life. That's what matters - everything else is just, well, life. Hugs!

  2. My blog started as a requirement for the design team I captain. But I have found it to be therapeutic as well. Sometimes the only contact I have with (adult) people outside my family is through my blog, and I've "met" a number of interesting people who follow me. I enjoy your blog, and appreciate the comments you leave on mine!!

  3. Well I'm glad you are blogging!!!! For your info, the best way to get more bloggers is to visit others' blogs and comment. Do it over and over (the blogs you like) ---and once they start visiting your blog, you have started a blog-relationship.

    Another way to get lots of bloggers is to join some of the memes. I have never done that simply because I was able to get people to my sight without the memes.

    Get names from others who comment on blogs that you like. Tell people that this is your first visit. They'll respond I think. If they don't, you don't want to visit them either. Usually, you'll find people with like interests that way.

    As I told you, almost none of my friends and even my family comment. They may or may not READ it--even though they 'say' they do... My BFF Judy and I email every day --but she does read my blogs. She doesn't comment much though --but used to on my old blog site when nobody else left comments.

    Keep blogging ---and checking out others' blogs. You will find those whom you have alot in common with.